Perfecting the Imperfection

20130701_114140Are you operating at your optimal level? Did you create a list of goals that you would like to achieve in 2014? Are you focusing on an annual goal? A quarterly goal? A monthly goal? Chances are you maybe engaging in one, two or all of the aforementioned. Over the past few years, my interest has been focused on the business side of art primarily due to running my art gallery. This focus has pushed me to begin exercising the muscles from the left-side of your brain. When you delve in to the business realm of art things change, headaches begin to develop, stress begins to shine, and your time becomes limited to do other creative things. However, I have learned that by balancing both sides of the brain can lead to a sense of achievement – a sense of success.

No matter what we strive to accomplish we are always trying to perfect the imperfection of our practice, process, business savviness, professional relationships, and so on. I realize I may be preaching to the choir on this topic, but sometimes we need to understand whichever system we decide to participate in we need to constantly maintain and nurture it so that we can adopt, adapt, and implement new ideas to assist us in reaching our goals through modification, simplification, and evaluation.

No one wants (at least publicly) to admit that the system he/she uses has weaknesses. Truth of the matter is that it may, which can result in taking proper action to improve it with the notion that we are not trying to perfect it, but to constantly work with any unforeseen obstacles that may come our way. Over time, we will create a system that will help us reaching new heights in our career. A system that will work for us to operate at our full potential on consistent basis. 


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