WordPress for Artists Workshop

Photo by Angie Zimmerman.
Photo by Angie Zimmerman.

Yesterday I facilitated a presentation on the how to begin your very own blog via WordPress.com. I was happy to see artists take their own careers in their own hands and put themselves in the driver seat to navigate their path to success.

Why a blog and not a website? I find blogs to be more engaging than a website. Websites are effective, however, if you are like me always on the go, seeing new art, going to receptions, visiting artists, and so on wouldn’t it be great to add photos, video, content right away? Yes, it can wait, but how many times do you forget to write things down or try to remember to later find out that you forgot? Having the option to do so can add excitement to your blog. People want to see you active. I do.

For the past few years, I have been involved in developing ways to help artists become successful. Each success defined by the artist’s need. My background as an art educator has given me the knowledge to pin point strengths and weaknesses, to listen to one’s needs, to assist in coming up with solutions, to take risks, and to reflect. In Education, you hear that today’s children is the future of tomorrow. This is true. I believe today’s artists enrich our lives with their art and their vision.



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