The 365 Artists 365 Days Project and GRR Model presented at NAEA15 in NOLA

On Saturday, March 28th, I presented for the first time at the National Art Education Association Convention in New Orleans, LA. This experience is truly one of my highlights for this school year. I was a bit nervous, but I quickly found my comfort zone. 

The presentation I gave was on the integration and implementation of the 365 Artists 365 Days Project with the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) Model focusing on literacy within the art classroom.  What started as an online contemporary art project organically grew into a resource for students to learn about contemporary artists today by reading their interviews, looking at the artists’ work, their studios, and having websites available for more information.

What made this presentation even more special was seeing one of the featured artists of the 365 Artists 365 Days Project, Laci Coppins, in attendance. It was neat to hear her say a few words about the project as well as her experience.

Embedded within the project is an artist database from 2014, which lists all of our artists, where they are from, their websites, and what genres they engage in. This spreadsheet is available as a free download for educators or anyone interested in contemporary art. 

I also briefly talked about the Midwest Artist Studios Project, which is another project focused on literacy. 

One attendee said that this project is very relevant today because it is cataloging today’s contemporary artists. Someone else said that they enjoyed my presentation because she could sense my passion for what I am doing. 

Here are some photos taken by my good friend, fellow art teacher, and TICA alumnus, Alicia Fine. 


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